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About Me

I am Donna Strickland MS RXN PMHCNS-BC, and I have dedicated myself to couples therapy using the Gottman Method. I chose to specialize in this modality because of its effectiveness and research-based techniques. 

As a board-certified psychiatric mental health clinical nurse specialist with a focus on couples therapy, I conduct comprehensive initial assessments to identify your strengths and address areas that require improvement. Utilizing the principles of the Gottman Method, I provide tailored guidance to help you restore and enrich your relationship, fostering lasting positive change. 

As part of my training, I have successfully finished the Couples and Addiction Recovery Training and Treating Affairs and Trauma programs, incorporating the Gottman Couples Therapy Model.

Donna Strickland

Your Partner in Dealing with Unexpected Challenges

Life often presents us with unexpected challenges. When you find yourself struggling with the weight of anxiety, navigating a difficult life transition, or experiencing other overwhelming emotions, you have come to the right place. Whether you are a busy mom trying to balance multiple priorities, someone coping with the loss of a loved one and seeking support through bereavement, or simply yearning to regain a sense of vitality and self-recognition, I am here to assist you.  

If needed, I can also provide guidance on medication options to help restore balance and enhance your well-being. 

With a wealth of over 45 years of experience as an advanced practice psychiatric mental health clinical nurse specialist, my commitment lies in promoting the mental health of my clients. As a professional with prescriptive authority, I am equipped to assist you with medication issues, ensuring a harmonious medication regimen that meets your requirements. I have the skills to help you find the right solutions to get your life back on track.

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Contact Me

Call me at (303) 808-4880 for a free personal consultation. I am here as your ally, ready to provide the assistance you deserve. Having witnessed countless individuals grappling with long-term anxiety, depression, and deeply held “secrets” due to fear of seeking support, I understand the urgency of getting help. Whatever concerns consume your thoughts, together, we will determine and then navigate the optimal path forward.

Have you tried the Free Gottman Card Deck app? Download it on your phone today to explore 15 card decks with prompts to help you get to know your partner. Choose Love Maps to get to know your partner better, Opportunity for great date-night ideas, or explore the Salsa decks to add some spice to your intimate life.

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