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Tips for Times of Turmoil

What are your strategies for living well? 

  • Know your Adversity Quotient: Are you a Quitter?  Camper?  Climber?
  • Beef up your Resilience.  Give Extreme Self-Care the highest priority.
  • Change your language   (Overwhelmed, Pitiful, I can’t take it, Not enough time)
  • Be purposeful in Conversations: Choose the message you want to convey.
  • When in doubt, LEAN IN
  • Create opportunities for people to identify what they care most about in the situation at hand, to take some time to name what the most important issue or principle is at stake, and finally to identify what their complaint shows them that they are most committed to.
  • Change from the Language of Blame to the Language of Personal Responsibility, from the Language of Complaint to the Language of Commitment
  • Understand fully the “Impact Vs Intent” Model
  • Get clear about who is coachable
  • Emails cannot be your main method of communication…The important messages need to be done face to face
  • Find the Time
  • Relationships ARE Messy.  Get over it.
  • Give up “We vs. They”.  We’re all in this together
  • Acknowledge yourself, others.
  • The importance of “checking in”:  Appreciation’s, Acknowledgements, Value (see models in packet)
  • Meet face to face at least quarterly talking about the “right issues”; will improve quality of relationship remarkably if meet 2x/qtr.
  • Relationship Centered Care for our Colleagues, Ourselves, and Our Patients and Families
  • Use your Influence within Your Influence
  • CHOOSE to be a strong leader or choose impotency.  Choose Well.
  • Be a Player in Your Community.  Find what fires you up.  Use your influence to make a difference and to have fun.
  • Are you asking for something? Are you offering something?
  • Choose your words so you can get what you want. Know your own purpose or intention.
  • Making declarations of NO. Too many yes’s lead to overwhelm.
  • Re-align your priorities.
  • Identify and eliminate energy drains.
  • Celebrate your successes.
  • Use Humor to Lighten Up, Let Go and Change Your Mind
  • Begin with 5 minutes/day of spiritual practice that works for you.
  • Slow with driving, talking, eating, and answering.
  • Shut the office door
  • Take a warm bath
  • Check your voice mail/email only at appointed times
  • Do not schedule appointments back to back
  • Stop juggling so many tasks. Do complete work.
  • Put signs up to remind yourself of “Extreme Self Care”
  • Manage your hungers for :  Power and Control, Importance and Affirmation, Having Answers
  • Anchor Yourself
  • Distinguish Role from Self
  • Keep Confidants, and Don’t confuse them with allies
  • Seek Sanctuary
  • The Form Doesn’t Matter: Let yourself imagine a host of possibilities for rekindling your vitality and openness and that give your life meaning.
  • Sacred Heart–means that you may feel tortured and betrayed, powerless and hopeless, and yet stay open. It’s the capacity to encompass the entire range of your human experience without hardening or closing yourself. It means that even in the midst of disappointment and defeat, you remain connected to people and to the sources of your most profound purposes.

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