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Customer-Patient Satisfaction: What Matters Most

Leadership and Customer Satisfaction

We know some very important things when it comes to patient satisfaction: food and nursing. If the food is great and the nursing is average, a patient is likely to not recommend the hospital. If the nursing is great, and the food is average, the patient is likely to recommend the hospital.

We know that good food is better than lousy food, friendliness counts more than good food, when information exchange takes place, communication counts more than friendliness, and empathy enhances communication. So simple, right? It’s just that we forget.

So, acknowledge the patient-your customer, say hello, good morning, howdy, how are things going for you? But acknowledge them. Introduce yourself. Let them know why you’ve entered their room and what you need to do, how long it will take, and explain anything to them about what is about to take place. Check the patient’s wrist band, talk about why you do that and relate it to the safety precautions of the hospital. If you are an introverted person, you can chat about these kinds of things that are quality standards and safety precautions in the hospital.

And, remember to thank them for their time and cooperation. Most of us like to be thanked, acknowledged, and truly “seen”. A little kindness goes a long way in a fast paced hospital, with people using big words and talking over the customer-client-patient. Remember to make eye contact, smile, and keep your heart open. A patient feels it, the family feel it.

I feel it when I go to the grocery or department store whether someone is present with me or not. And, if they are not, repeatedly, I take my business elsewhere. Life is too short.

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