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Some Thoughts on Grief

Mother’s Day Just Passed and I guess my need to say a few things about grief is related to just that.

It’s a funny thing, but when tragic things happen to you, people sometimes say the strangest things.  Both my parents died, my 52yo brother-in-law died and I got divorced.  It all happened within 3 years of one another.  I was flooded with grief that was so deep I was afraid I might drown.  Mostly, in the beginning especially, I was grateful that anyone acknowledged my loss, no matter what strange words came out of their mouths.  I knew they were trying to connect.

But, at some point, 5 or 6 months in, when the shock and numbness wore off and when I could no longer be distracted by the “business” of death as the Executor of the Will, the pain became more intense & Reality was making its way in.

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