Donna Strickland Solutions

Improving the Performance and Health of Leaders, Teams and Organizations

Donna Strickland is dedicated to improving the performance and health of leaders, teams and organizations. Drawing from her expertise as a board certified psychiatric clinical nurse specialist and a certified speaking professional with a master of science degree, Donna specializes in team, leadership and organizational development, health care reform and behavioral health transformations.

Donna Strickland’s Services for Leaders, Teams and Organizations

Speaking PresentationsSpeaking Presentations by Donna Strickland

Donna is a highly acclaimed professional speaker dedicated to improving the performance and health of individuals, teams and organizations. Drawing from her expertise as a registered nurse, clinical specialist and certified speaking professional, Donna speaks on leadership, change, teaming and lightening up to save your life.

Nurse Leadership Speaker

Leadership DevelopmentLeadership, Team and Organizational Development

As a certified Change and Transition Management Consultant, Donna is also accredited in the Emotional Competence Inventory (ECI). She is adept at helping leaders and organizations to develop their executive teams, manage deep change, build bench strength in the leadership team and simultaneously create exit strategies through succession planning.

Organizational Development

Health Care ReformHealth Care Reform: Behavioral Health Consulting

Dedicated to changing and improving the organizational systems that help individuals create full and productive lives, our consulting services are designed for the primary care and behavioral health sector in order to further enhance education and integration of person-centered treatment and recovery support services.

Health Care and Behavioral Health Transformation

To discuss the specific needs of you, your team or your organization, please contact Donna directly at (303) 808-4880.