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Practical Strategies for Letting Go, Lightening Up, & Creating Resiliency

Sitting on the edge of chair, sit bones anchored: “ Being anchored and on the edge”

Change your Cortisol, Change Your Life:  See if you are in one of these 2 groups:

  • Wake Up.  Terrorize yourself.  Go to work.  Awfulize.  Isn’t it awful here?
  • Twitch and Bitch or “Appropriate Clubs

Change Your Heart, Change Your Life:

Optimism is only one of two dozen strengths that bring about greater well-being.  George Valliant, Harvard professor:  Mature Defenses:  altruism, the ability to postpone gratification, future-mindedness (optimism), and humor. Optimists have 19% more longevity than pessimists.

  • Twirl, Tap, Thrust: I’m so tired, I have so much to do!”
  • Mantras:  Yes, and….Yes, and this too, Mercy, Mercy, Say What?   And more
  • Stall Therapy
  • Music, Dance, Rituals for “free play”
  • “This is very very serious”
  • Loser, Varsity Loser
  • The Letter B
  • 5 min. every other hour
  • Music:
    I wanna talk about Me-Toby Keith
    A Stick or Two –Piglet
    Moving On…
    The Helmet Song-The Bobs
  • 7 Stages of Laughter Progression
  • Laughter Pledge of Allegiance
  • “I’m with You Man” HP Story
  • “I love You Man” AT&T Wireless Story
  • 85 yo woman:  Sit down, put your feet up, Sit awhile, I’m not dead yet!
  • Gratitude, Forgiveness, Making Amends
  • Prayer, Meditation, Attention Training, etc.

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