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Listening to Your “Wise Self”

“Opportunities for leadership are available to you every day. But putting you on the line is difficult work, for the dangers are real. Yet the work has nobility and the benefits, for you and for those around you, are beyond measure” Ronald Heifetz, Leadership on the Line

This workshop is for those who want to live more boldly. You are the first organization who must change. My hope is that you learn some practical applications, inspiration, and have some new ideas for leading, protecting yourself, and keeping your spirit alive. May you enjoy with a full heart the fruits of your labor. NASA needs you. The world needs you.

Extreme self-care means putting the quality of your life ahead of everything else: saying no to things that no longer support your true priorities; basing choices on what you want, rather than on what other’s want; and spending your time and energy on what matters. This may feel selfish at first, but the truth is that you will be more available, effective, ad helpful to others when you take good care of yourself.” (Cheryl Richardson, Take Time for Your Life)

Part of practicing extreme self-care as a health care practitioner is learning to listen to your own inner wisdom for direction. This wisdom of the voice of your Wise Self is the voice of your soul. Your Wise Self is your connection to the Divine, and as you learn to listen to its wisdom, you will find yourself guided to your most authentic life, your most authentic self as a leader, no matter what your formal or informal “leadership position” may be. How you spend your time reflects the priorities that you are honoring in your life.

  • What is most important to me at this point in my life?
  • Where would I prefer to spend more time?
  • What areas of my life need my attention (health, professional growth, relationships, work, money?)
  • What parts of my life need less attention?
  • Do I have a secret dream I keep putting off until I can “find the time”? What is it?
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