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Manage Organizational Transitions Effectively in Times of Chaos, Change and Crisis

How to Understand Yourself and Others in Times of Chaos, Change and Crisis: Managing Organizational Transitions

Half-Day or Full-Day Seminar by Donna Strickland

This seminar is a wonderful blend of Donna’s top three programs. It blends information regarding personal styles, managing change and transition and keeping a fluid spirit through humor skills.

Donna’s seminar will help you learn:

  • Your own particular work behavioral style.
  • How each style responds to change and transition in the work setting.
  • Humor skills to help self and others cope with chaos, change and crisis.
  • How to come to a new understanding of “transition” — a new model of what change does to people.
  • To foresee people’s reactions to change and how to design and implement a plan to get people through transition.
  • Layoff Survivor Sickness.
  • How to deal with the real issues of loss, anger, fear.
  • An action plan to deal with the human side of some current organizational transition.

About the Seminar

First we look at personal work behavioral styles, how your style (and those around you) changes when there is organizational tension due to layoffs, reorganizations, changes in strategy, technology and culture.

Then we review William Bridges material on effectively managing the human side of change. It is a widely used and readily learned set of techniques for bringing people through the three phases of transition. It is powerful and it works. Then throughout the day we learn humor skills to help us keep a sense of perspective, to learn to lighten up in order to save our lives.

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