Leadership & Team Development

Use Lightness of Being to Build Effective Teams and Create Powerful Influence

How to Go from Certainty to Curiosity and Tight to Lightness to Save Yourself

Seminar by Donna Strickland

Today’s leaders need more than technical ability and IQ to succeed. You need Lightness of Being to handle setbacks with grace and renewed determination, skills to have conversations about the “icky” leadership stuff, and enough awareness about one’s self to know when to get out of the way.

You must know how to “Save Yourself!” if you are to survive this very imperfect human journey of building teams and creating influence. Learn when to let go, and when to take action, why you want to be clear about high potential employees, how to have difficult conversations, and use humor skills to create a “lightness of being.” Come find out how “Saving Yourself” may have everything to do with utilizing the social capital right there in front of you.


  • Recognize when you have moved from “Certainty to Curiosity” (better known as moving from “OH NO!! to AH HA!!)
  • Describe the use of the Impact versus Intention tool for use in conversations with a team member
  • Summarize why having “difficult conversations” leverage your influence and help retain high potential employees
  • List the four symptoms of a “Team in Trouble”

About the Seminar

In this high energy intensive, you will learn about your own personality style, reading someone else’s and gather tools for building commitment in tough times. You will learn specific coaching and counseling skills to develop alignment between individual and organizational goals. You’ll also learn why your vision matters more than ever before, why you want to deal with conflicts and tension, why laughter does matter, and why you may want to save your own life.

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