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Gap Analysis Questionnaire

What behaviors, actions, and accountabilities will be necessary to support our future desired outcomes?

What kind of leadership and organizational support would help?

What specifically do we need from _____?

Are there specific things that would need to change to bring about desired outcomes? If so, what are they?

What is currently underway?

What is missing?

Is what we’re doing really addressing the important (versus the urgent) within our department?

Obstacle Review: What’s in the way of our moving forward? (Or in the way of our doing our jobs?)

Challenges surfaced include:

  • Making time for planning
  • Processes
  • Triangulation
  • Face to Face meeting Time
  • Time to Plan, Reflect, Dialogue
  • Is our values and mission reflected in our IFM Change Process?
  • Are we paying attention to the Human element related to the Transition Plan?
  • Do we have a transition plan?
  • New roles/positions/vision for department
  • Accountabilities
  • Taking more risks together about our ideas, thoughts
  • Are we making time for Acknowledgements, Celebrations?
  • Management of People, Processes
  • Growth of Department
  • Infrastructures/Processes
  • Rest for the Weary

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