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Four Things Every Team Needs to Know

Understanding Our Big Picture, Part & Plan as it relates to Goals and Responsibilities.

  • What is the Big Picture of our Company?
  • How does our Team fit into the Big Picture? What is the Part we Play? And what is our Plan? Every member needs to know their own goals and responsibilities as it relates to the larger mission at hand, the “Big Picture” of the organization.

Work Processes.

  • Knowing the above answers are just the start. Then each team needs to understand how we are going to accomplish our work.

Rules of Engagement.

  • What kind of rules do we need to agree upon in order to create a safe, fun, workable culture for ourselves? Spell them out. Make no assumptions. Discuss the norms, shared values, that will help team members shape their day to day interactions with one another. For example, “assume positive intent”. Agreements about how to carry out the basics, like work processes or decision-making.

Performance Metrics.

  • How will we measure our progress? Define the measures for meeting the goals. Define the consequences for not measuring the goals.

Meet consistently to check in and see how each team member is doing and how the group as a whole is doing. Leader needs to give feedback regularly to the team, accolades, and set further goals as needed.

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