Dynamic Keynotes by Donna Strickland

Discover Strategies to Survive in Times That Are Constantly Changing

Strategies for Survival in Permanent White Water Change:
How to Get a Life and Keep It

Two-Hour Seminar by Donna Strickland

As a highly acclaimed professional speaker, Donna is dedicated to improving the performance and health of both individuals and organizations.  Drawing from her expertise as a registered nurse, clinical specialist and certified speaking professional with a master of science in psychiatric nursing, this two-hour seminar focuses on:

  • Getting a life and keeping a life once you do get it.
  • Coping with chaos and change.
  • Getting through the “dark nights of the soul” in life and business and what they are all about.
  • Why laughter does matter.
  • What you and your employees need to know about doing business in the 21st Century.
  • Why you absolutely must have more than an oar if you are to survive in permanent white water change.

About the Seminar

Donna will work with you to customize this two-hour seminar to the specific needs of your team or organization.

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