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Improve Professional Relationships and Cope with Difficult Coworkers

Monsters Inc.: How to Cope with Difficult People

Seminar by Donna Strickland

Do you find your precious professional time taken up by difficult people–indecisives, complainers and know-it-alls? Most seminars on this topic only prepare participants to identify the type of difficult they are dealing with.

This course blends current concepts about personality “styles” into a clear, workable method for improving relationships. You will have an opportunity to discover techniques for going beyond efforts to change others. You will learn specific techniques for dealing with specific types of difficult people–the know-it-alls, the snipers, the constant complainers, the yes people, the no people, the Sherman tanks.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe four basic interpersonal response patterns.
  • Identify and minimize potential conflicts.
  • Understand rather than overreact to difficult people.
  • Discover strategies for more successful working relationships with others.
  • Build on personal strengths and increase behavioral flexibility.
  • Differentiate between a style under stress and a difficult person.
  • Learn specific techniques for dealing with difficult people.

Don’t let difficult people leave you feeling angry and helpless! Learn how to deal with them in this fast-paced, skill-building seminar.

Since conventional tactics often don’t work with these people, you need unconventional tactics. That’s what you’ll learn. Difficult people are immune to normal feedback–and often are oblivious to their effect on other people (other times, they know exactly what they are doing).

About the Seminar

In this fast-paced, skill-building seminar, Donna will help participants:

  • Better understand what difficult people think, what they hear and why they do what they do.
  • Use specific people skills and strategies.
  • Learn how to tell the difference between a particular behavioral style that is under stress versus a truly “difficult person.”
  • Learn hard-nosed, here’s-how-you-do-it techniques in specific situations with specific types of difficult people.
  • Be less of a target for difficult people by learning more about your own work behavioral style so you can balance the power difficult people have over you.
  • Learn to further your mutual interests by producing a situation in which both you and the difficult person can function as productively as possible in the work setting.

Learn humor techniques to help you deal with chaos, change and crises.

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