Dynamic Keynotes by Donna Strickland

Discover How to Use Humor to
Cope with Chaos, Change and Crisis

 Laughter Matters: Overcoming Terminal Seriousness

Keynote, Half-Day or Full-Day Seminar by Donna Strickland

Drawing from her medical and psychiatric expertise and experience as a professional humorologist, Donna puts on a high-energy, keynote or participatory playshop to help your organization:

  • Cope with chaos, change and crisis.
  • Stay fluid and flexible in trying and changing times.
  • Increase morale, cooperation, productivity and profitability.
  • Decrease sick time and tension.
  • Increase employee engagement.
  • Increase retention.
  • Use laughter to loosen up.
  • Explore the science of laughter (how laughter strengthens our immune system and reduces stress).
  • Explore the art of humor (strategies to enhance optimism to move from “OH NO!” to “AH HA!”).
  • Learn ways to benefit from the exercise of laughter as a form of “inner jogging.”
  • Discover when to let go and when to take action.
  • Use humor to create a happier thinking process and proven techniques for changing unproductive behaviors that can sabotage your own happiness and success.

About the Keynote or Seminar

Available in a keynote, half-day or full-day seminar format, Donna’s speaking presentation is designed to help those who are serious, dignified and professional to lighten up. This playful, skill-building session creates an atmosphere of fun in order to solve our human problems.

You will explore techniques for getting through life, love and loss, trials and tribulations, and all that not-so-funny stuff.  You will also explore “de-light” and “de-dark”.

Laughter Matters TM can focus on:

  • Coping with change and transition.
  • Team building.
  • Leadership.
  • Celebration.
  • Conflict management.
  • The light manager.

Topics can include:

  • Laughter, Humor and Play Definitions
  • Coping with Change and Transition
  • Letting Go of Control
  • Healing Interval Breaks: Ideas and Techniques, Humor Mantras, Finding your sense of perspective. Hands-on activities that promote laughter, mirth and fun.
  • Humor in the Workplace: The message of silliness, Taking jobs seriously while taking yourself lightly, the worth of mirth, how funny business intersects with the bottom line.
  • The Role of Catharsis: The Catharsis Model and its relationship to healing
  • Terminal Seriousness: On being dead serious about your job
  • Humor Skills: activities to bring more playfulness, energy and laughter to your life
  • Shame: The thief that robs us of our spontaneity.
  • Overcoming Fear of Foolishness, Failure and Embarrassment. Its relationship to risk-taking, shame, stopping ourselves short from being in the moment.
  • “The Healing Circle” A very powerful exercise based on Native American traditions. “Healing can only occur in community.” An exercise on giving and receiving. Great for natural work groups who are coping with chaos and change. (This can be included in the workshop and can be a stand along program.)

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