Dynamic Keynotes by Donna Strickland

Use Optimism to Help You Cope and Shift the Way You Think About Setbacks and Victories

Getting Free—Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: Humor Skills for the Weary, Worn Out, and Woe is Me’ers

Keynote Presentation by Donna Strickland

Did you know that optimism can actually help you cope and shift the way you think about setbacks and victories?  In this lift-your-spirits keynote presentation, Donna will show you how you can:

  • Improve your sense of optimism by training your brain with proven exercises.
  • Find your “happiness set point” and learn how to change it.
  • Shift your focus.
  • Short-circuit pessimism.
  • Stack the deck in your favor.
  • Use resilience, risk taking, and learned optimism.
  • Access humor skills that change neurochemistry.
  • Tap into strategies for letting go.
  • Recognize and change the negative messages you tell yourself.
  • Create “flexible optimism.”
  • Understand that pessimism and optimism aren’t mutually exclusive.
  • Get some of that “sunny-side upness.”

About the Speaking Presentation

This lift-your-spirits keynote presentation reminds us all to lift our life to its highest calling and living our lives fully from a sense of possibility and the expectation of positive results. Optimism is the high-voltage power tool in the life-skills toolbox that can help you get promoted, fight off the cold that’s been going around, and attract good people to you.

Pessimistic people are two to eight times more at risk of depression and are difficult to appreciate. Using humor, inspirational stories, and time-tested tips, Donna shows you how to deal with life’s trials and tribulations. We are reminded that the right to choose our own path is a sacred privilege.

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