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About Donna Strickland

Behavioral Health Transformation Consulting

Donna Strickland

Donna has a Master of Science degree, is a Board Certified Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse and a Certified Speaking Professional, the National Speaker’s Association’s highest designation. Having worked in the health care industry since the early 1980s, Donna possesses in-depth knowledge of the daily operations of treatment facilities and the value of organizational leadership on evidence-based practice.

She is recognized as an agent of positive change and excels at implementing innovative programs that combine leadership and interdisciplinary collaboration and accountability to ensure the highest quality of care and the most effective systems for delivery.

Donna has a proven ability to develop strong and meaningful relationships with executive management, clinical staff, patients and families that lead to performance improvements and quality outcomes in patient care and employee satisfaction.

Donna sits on the Colorado Behavioral Health Transformation Council representing the Advance Practice Psychiatric Nurses. Colorado is the only state in the nation to have a behavioral health council by statute that is charged with transforming the public agencies approach to behavioral health.

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